It’s been a while…

Blimey. Apparently it’s been two years. And what a two years!

It’s not really the time to reflect on what covid has done to the events industry… The impact is certainly still very real, with shortages of crew and infrastructure making life hard for all of us this summer but mainly it is SO GOOD to be back to ‘normal’ this year. It’s mid-July and I’m in the thick of a jam-packed summer schedule and an inordinate amount of my time is being spent in fields. In other words, life is exactly as it should be!

This year is about consolidating long-held relationships, and 2022 has already seen Accept deliver Grand National number 6 (and a half, if you count the fact that 90% of the work was already done in 2020!) and Epsom Derby number 8, as well as developing new ones; this summer season will be rounded off by a brand new event, Whitehaven Alive in Cumbria.

It’s also Accept’s 10th birthday this year, which feels momentous and terrifying all at once. An entire decade has absolutely flown by. I started the year with a few mini celebrations, mainly because I knew there would be no time once summer started. Let’s try and fit in another one or two before the year is out though, shall we?

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